BETA LAUNCH, Date to be announced soon

Teddybots Companion App

It’s been a difficult journey but we are getting there and almost ready to launch our Teddybots Companion App version1. We want to invite all of our early customers to help test it out and more importantly, we would love to know what you think. But first I want to give you a little info about why we want to make an App and whats in it.


Why the Teddybots Companion App

Technology is in the home more than ever with over 80% of children under 6 using devices. We want to start a serious and sensible conversation about benefits and dangers of technology in toys. We don’t believe in putting technology into our toys but still want to build an educational platform for puzzles and games and activities. Our adoption process is a fun way of having that first conversation where parents and guardians can set the boundaries and rules on how we talk about and use technology.

By adding a few little helpful features our app provides a fun way of getting the conversation going. During the ‘Adoption’ parents can use the agreement box. This is a little contract that parents can make with their children in fun way that also suggests that they care for their soft robots. We have a few more little features that also may be handy for you. We would love your thoughts and feedback on our ideas. Some of the features in the 1st Beta App include:

A. simple adoption process with age awareness information.
B. Control of the account for child/parent security.
C. A countdown clock where you can choose the length of play time.
D. The agreement box. Make your agreements together build an understanding of rules.
E. Games and puzzles and activities that teach your children about science and art ……with a background of robots, astronauts, and aliens traveling through space!

Our soft toys are for playtime and the Teddybots Companion App is a gateway to a world of stories and activities about robot adventures in space.

1. Build a Bot Piano Game

Simply select the robot parts to build your bot and make a unique robot sound. When finished you can play back the sounds or save and keep them.

2. Digital Snap Memory Tester

Memory and match the pictures. It’s against the clock so be quick. See if you can complete the hardest level.

3. EchoBot and land the UFO.

Copy the robot sounds and try to the UFO. Lots of concentration. Not many get to land it!

To be added soon

It’s important for us to keep thinking about the future so after testing the 1st App this summer we will be updating version 2with some of the following. We hope to be launching the official App in the late Autumn, 2018

4. Activities.
Activities that parents can do with their children together, here you can follow instructions and make spaceships from cardboard boxes and washing up bottles. Or you can make a 3d hologram or 3d drawing with glasses to views them.

5. Print and play.
Lots of printouts for you to color in or games you can make and play. Keep checking back for new content. The App will not have print feature but you can download locally to your phone, tablet or computer and print to any connected devices.
We want to encourage drawing and storytelling and recognize the importance for early learning and developing early cognitive skills such as hand and eye coordination.

The Future:

For now, we just have 3 short games but we hope to develop these and other activities that will eventually build to an interactive educational platform coupled with a fun and engaging animated series. you can find out more in the About our ideas in the ABOUT page.

The App and your Personal Data


We are very aware of your data and privacy. Please read data policy on each page as you Adopt. Its important for you to know, as much as we can help it, we don’t want your personal DATA. We suggest following us on social media outlets.


No important data here!


We ask for children’s age so we can provide you with the best activities, information, and content. This information will not be passed on to a third party.


This information will be stored on a Secure 3rd party emailing system. We only require this information for Registering the account and to inform you of important update information. We will never spam you. For teddybots current news please follow our social media channels.

*Note for Deleting Guardian Email address.
The Guardians email is not connected to the App.
If the App is deleted you may still get an email. Every email will have an unsubscribe option.

The App Local Data

The Teddybots App is designed to store some of its contents on your phone locally. Meaning, Adoption contracts, agreements, and any images or sounds you export go directly to your phone and are considered to be private and under the ownership of the parent/guardian of the account.

Companion APP Game Play Data

Data such as button presses and other gameplay activity may be recorded. This is to gain knowledge of what services are most useful for building a better environment and service.

If you have any questions use the comments section below or you can contact us privately on the contact page.

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