European Space Agency Street Art Competition


The European Space Agency seeks new ways to create awareness for its activities: this time reaching out to young urban artists communities. On May 18th, 10 top street artists and two wild cards from across Europe to create their own masterpiece on a 2×2 meter canvas in Noordwijk, the Dutch City of Space, using ‘space exploration’ as inspiration for their works of art.

Artists from all over Europe arrived in the Hague and on the morning of the 18th we had a quick tour of the facilities and then got to painting. Each of the paintings had to have a space theme and each artist brought their own style.  Liley Brek from Spain seen above works on her space girl painting. Liley uses the paint like a brush and gets fine detail and great coloring across her work.  Other artists had different techniques and styles which made the competition very open and much more interesting.

The Hague Street Art

The Hague Street art is a collection of artists working in the Hague. they work with community groups and city councils and administrations in working to develop street art in  Hague city and surrounding area. The group will be working to revitalize some areas of the city by bringing artists from all over Holland and Europe. They want to curate a city full of inspiring street art.  Ringo and Leo put the competition together and invited artists from, Bulgaria, Brussels, France, Germany, the Uk, Denmark, Italy, Spain, and Ireland.

The Final Paintings

Spray paint was never going to work indoors so the 2-meter canvas was braced to a fence. It got a bit breezy at times which made some of the painting a little tricky. The theme of the day was space and exploration. let us know what you think by voting. Click on any of the images and that will take you to the Graffiti without Gravity competition.

Mr Cenz – United Kingdom

Lily Brik – Spain

Welin – Denmark

Arsek & Erase – Bulgaria

BOOGIE – Germany

BustArt – Switzerland

Darry Perier – France

Reser – Italy

Shane Sutton – Ireland

Brad Waters – United Kingdom

Serge KB – Netherlands

One Duo – Belgium


This trip wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for The European Space Agency and The Hague Street Art collaboration so a massive thank you to them for showing us the Street art scene in the Hague.

Cast your vote here: VOTING CLOSED (June1st 2018)