Realistic Robot Dog Scam


I am Shane from Teddybots® Ireland and I wanted warn about a scam on the internet selling a fake, realistic, robot dog toys. This is a scam. 

We first noticed the scam was running on Facebook advertisments in December 2020.These pages were running on number of websites across Europe. We noticed that FB the advertising was in Spain, Italy and France.

The advertisements included a video of a person interacting with a real dog not a robot dog toy. This is not a realistic robot. This a scam and they are shipping a cheap stuffed toy (see images below). 

We do not sell these toys but if you bought one of these dogs please read below.
We are getting a lot of emails and I want to share information that I have found. 
I hope some of the following information can help. Thank you.
Shane. (Teddybots Ireland).


I noticed this scam on Facebook in December and reported it straight away.
(19th December).

There were a number of pages on Facebook using this business name.
I continued to report the pages through December and January.
The fake pages were taken down on the 8th of January.
I do not know if Facebook took them down or if scammers deleted the pages.

The following links are websites we found that were linked to the Facebook ads.

I also found that these websites are registered to a domain in Canada.

Website – https://lookup.icann.org/lookup
Type and search : – fr-teddybot.com

You will see:
• Registry Expiration:2021-12-04 16:25:12 UTC Created:2020-12-04 16:25:12 UTC


Webpage scam
Webpage scam

December 19th
I reported adverts, pages and groups running this scam to Facebook in December.
This report was made under Trademark and Copyright Infringement for ‘Teddybots’.
Teddybots (ireland) own the trade mark for Europe and the USA.

Facebook complaint reference number:#203 553 604 645 605

The complaint was made under intellectual property, Trademark infringement and copyright.
If you are contacting Facebook to complain about any of the ads or pages please feel free to use this number as a reference number and complaint on these fraudulent ads.
My complaint was made on the 19th of December 2020.

Facebook reply 23rd December 2020:


Thank you for your report. Based on the information that you have provided, it is not clear to us that the content that you have reported infringes your trademark rights. The trademark that you are claiming appears to be different from the reported content.

For this reason, it does not appear that the reported content is likely to confuse people as to the source, sponsorship or affiliation of the goods and services, and we are unable to act on your report at this time.

Thank you,

Intellectual Property Operations

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. We are sorry you have had this expereince. Please feel free to contact me via our contact page if you have any questions. I’m more then happy to help if we can. 

Thank you 

Teddybots (Official). 


Webpage scam
Webpage scam