Virtual reality 3d painting.

Coder dojo Coolest Projects, the Google Tilt brush, and Virtual Reality painting….

Delighted to be working at the Coolest Projects event in the RDS tomorrow. Teddybots will be working with Dublin City Council at the Coder Dojo workshop.  There will be lots of creative tech and things to do. Pop by our stand and play with the Google Tilt Brush. This Virtual reality software allows you to paint in 3d space.


We will also be giving prizes away on the hour in our raffle competition.
Our artists will be there to demonstrate the creative Virtual reality painting app ‘ The Google Tilt brush’. It’s a pretty amazing App and it shows a great example of advances in VR and what kind of creative tools we will be using in the future. A full review of the app will follow shortly.

The Cool projects event can be found here:

The Google Tilt brush is here:

And our 1st Virtual reality painting is here:
-Left click to rotate
– Middle button to zoom
-Right click to pan

Hope to see you there!

The Tilt Brush in Action

Here are some of the first drawings we made of the Astronaut and the Robot. The software is easy to use but a little tricky to figure out how to actually paint in  3d. The following videos are samples of the drawing recorded within the software.
If you are lucky to have a VR headset (Oculus Or Hive) then you can also download the images and view in the virtual world.
We are looking forward to more projects using this software My gut tells me this is a fantastic tool for storytelling.

Watch this space!