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Demonstrating the Google Tilt Brush.

The Event.

What a day. It was much busier than we expected but that was ok. We still had lots of fun demonstrating the Google Tilt Brush. It was great to see so many people reacting to drawing in this new medium. We had big queues from the start all the way through till the end.

As expected most users loved the immersive experience and would happily do more. We would like to apologize to any young people that did not get to have a go on the day. The reactions were great the drawing felt immersive. It’s a great way to demonstrate VR and its interactivity.

 Competition Winners

Competitions were held throughout the day with the great help of Mary and Stephen from Dublin City Council. We were delighted to see so many entries for the draw. Winners were announced on the hour throughout the day and then picked up their prize. For It’s always great for us to such a positive response to our little green thousand

Teddybots soft toy competition winners at the RDS

Competition Winners

Congrats to our winners and we look forward to more creative events soon. if you have any comments or suggestions you can make them here or contact us directly.