We make robot shaped soft toy characters that we bring to life through stories, activities, puzzles, and games.

Why Teddybots, Toys and Tech?

Screens are a part of family life and when used in moderation with parental support, they can offer positive benefits such as enhancing learning experiences, Improving motor skills, coordination, numeracy, and literacy. It’s our goal to build a world of ‘On and Offline’ educational experiences in a fun story environment while still celebrating traditional toys with our soft robots.

Simply, our Adopt-A-Bot process is a fun way of having that first conversation about rules and boundaries when playing online. With  80% of children under 7  using technology and devices in the home we want to start a serious and sensible conversation about healthy technology and toys. Personally, we don’t believe in putting technology into our toys but strongly believe in its benefits as an educational tool. 

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